Book--Celebrate My Hopi Toys
Or purchase directly from Salina Bookshelf

Written by Anita Poleahla.
Illustrated by Emmett Navakuku.

--Celebrate My Hopi Corn
Or purchase directly from Salina Bookshelf

Written by Anita Poleahla.
Illustrated by Emmett Navakuku.

uma öki. Itam haalaytoti. We Are Glad You Are Here. A Handbook of Secular Hopi Teachings for Teachers and Professionals.
54 pages

This handbook is a guide for newcomers to Hopi. It will help new teachers and visitors to better understand Hopi culture and traditions. It provides information to avoid embarrassing situations. One need is for educators to understand the linguistic and cultural environment that their students come from. It turns out that student academic achievements are a direct result of how students use or do not use their heritage language and culture.

This handbook provides insight into many Hopi topics including: Hopi customs, superstitions, language, numbers, counting, colors, games, recipes, songs, clans and familial relationships.

This project was made possible in part by grants from the Christensen Fund and the Arizona Humanities Council. Askwali to our funders and other private donors.

Book--Hopihiniwtipu: Significant Events for Hopi People

Hopihiniwtipu is a project made possible in part by a grant from the Arizona Humanities Council. Thank you to the Council and to our many other contributors for making this project possible! This 141-page booklet offers Hopi perspectives on significant events that have shaped modern Hopi life. The booklet is written in both Hopi and English and comes with an audio CD. On the audio CD, Hopi people recount events in the Hopi language.

Interested in the Hopi language puzzlebooks?
Puzzlebooks are not for sale but if you wish to receive copies, please make a tax-deductible donation to the Ferrell Secakuku Scholarship Fund. The scholarship fund is managed by Northern Arizona University. For a small donation, Mesa Media will send one set of puzzlebooks. For a larger donation, Mesa Media will send two sets of puzzlebooks.
Please contact us at and we are happy to send you copies with your donation to the Scholarship Fund. If you would like us to ensure that your donation reaches the scholarship fund, we are happy to do so. Please mention this in your email. If you would like to send your donation directly to the Fund, please contact us with your request for puzzlebooks and send your check directly to:
Anne Buzzard
Ferrell Secakuku Scholarship Fund
College of Social & Behavioral Sciences
Northern Arizona University
Box 15700
Flagstaff, AZ  86011

Eskwelí for your donation that helps Hopi students with the costs of tuition and books!

Book--Hopi Crossword, Word Search, and Word Scramble Puzzles, Volume 1 

Over 50 puzzles are featured in this book for teachers and students who seek to practice their Hopi vocabulary.  This book is a teaching tool that can be used to introduce topics so that students can first build Hopi vocabulary.  Solutions manuals are available as well.  Significant Hopi topics that are featured include animals, astronomy, birds, colors, foods, plants, plaza words, verbs, and more.

Volume 1 now has a new colorful cover. Inside puzzles are shown below.

Book--Hopi Crossword, Word Search, and Word Scramble Puzzles, Volume 2 

Volume 2 features 32 puzzles with themes of baskets, beans, clans, clouds, corn, designs, geography, kin, months and societies.


Book--Hopi Crossword, Word Search, and Word Scramble Puzzles, Agriculture 

Volume 3 features 15 puzzles with themes of corn, beans, squash and orchard plants. 

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