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Hopi Language Lesson CDs
with Hopi-English books

CD--Hopilavayvenpi: The Hopi Alphabet In Conversation (2013)    $15

CD--Piklawu: Making Piiki (2013) $15

CD--Uylawu: Planting (2014)              $15

CD--Noovalawu: Preparing Food & Cooking a Meal (2014)       $15

Music CD Recordings
with Hopi-English Songbooks
4 CDs now available!

CD--Learning Through Hopi Songs (2004)     $15

CD--Teaching Through Hopi Songs (2005)     $15

CD--Living Through Hopi Songs (2008)     $15

CD--Taatawi Puwvitstawi pu Tiitaptawi:
Hopi Lullaby and Game Songs 
(2010)            $15

Using the lyrics books, not only do you learn over 500 words in Hopi,
but we also introduce proper sentence structure and Hopi pronunciation.
The songs encourage Hopi speakers to use their native language with pride
and stress the value of being bilingual.  

The content of the songs is distinctively Hopi and offers a glimpse into the deeper significance of Hopi life.  Songs have been at the center of Hopi culture for hundreds of years, making this learning approach attractive for people of all ages even in the modern age.  Linguists report that language is much easier to learn when placed within a familiar context, in this case song (Hinton 2001).


DVD--Itam Hopi yu'a'atotani! Let's speak Hopi!
Volumes 1-3 on one DVD, 26 minutes (2011)

DVD--Iisaw Haalayi: The Coyote Is Happy, 97 minutes (2016)

Hopi Language Books

Book--Tsangaw uma öki. Itam Haalaytoti. We Are Glad You Are Here.
A Handbook of Secular Hopi Teachings for Teachers and Professionals

Book--Hopihiniwtipu: Significant Events for Hopi People
CD and Bilingual Booklet (2012)

Hopihiniwtipu is a project made possible in part by a grant from the Arizona Humanities Council. Thank you to the Council and to our many other contributors for making this project possible!

Book--Hopi Crossword Puzzles (2006)

Book--Hopi Crossword Puzzles, Volume 2 (2011)

Book--Hopi Crossword Puzzles, Agriculture (2011)

Crossword Puzzles are not for sale,
but they are available with a donation to the
Ferrell Secakuku Scholarship Fund.
Click on the links above to view details.


Neeveni: Hopi Edible Plants Poster (2016)
All cultural information by Max Taylor
2-sided, full color

Hopi Clans and Kiisonvi Educational Poster (2015)
Designed by Hale Kahe and Anita Poleahla
2-sided, full color

Nöosiwqa: Hopi Foods Poster (2016)
1-sided, 2 feet by 3 feet

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