In 2004, fluent Hopi speakers Anita Poleahla and Ferrell Secakuku founded Mesa Media to address the urgent need to help Hopi people learn their language. Ms. Poleahla and Mr. Secakuku formed Mesa Media’s Board of Directors in 2004, which now meets quarterly. In 2005, pro-bono attorney Tyson Winarski helped Mesa Media obtain 501(c)(3) non-profit status.

Since obtaining tax-exempt status, Mesa Media has secured several foundation grants to develop Hopi language materials (CDs, DVDs, books, posters) and sponsor workshops to teach the Hopi language in Hopi villages. With each new book, CD and DVD, Hopi people witness how Mesa Media materials empower adults and youth learn to speak Hopi. These are the folks we serve.

After many years of work, Mesa Media has gained widespread recognition from the community. Hopi language teacher and Mesa Media President Anita Poleahla hires community scholars to help develop materials and facilitate events. Mesa Media believes that empowering dedicated people within the Hopi community is the best way to keep this vibrant culture and language alive.

Mesa Media donates over half of our CDs, DVDs and books to help other Hopi organizations and all of our money from sales goes directly toward printing new materials. Nearly every Hopi program incorporates a language component, whether the focus is to reintroduce farming methods, assist youth and elders or protect natural resources. Mesa Media is unique because it is one of the only organizations producing new materials for the Hopi community.

Mesa Media’s primary focus is to get culturally relevant books and materials into the hands of Hopi people. We are a small organization, and our programs are dependent on funding from foundations and individuals. Askwali for your support!

"Our primary focus is to get culturally relevant books and materials into the hands of Hopi people"