Our Mission

To help revitalize the Hopi language

Mesa Media’s mission is to revitalize the Hopi language, which encompasses the philosophy of land stewardship maintained by Hopi people for centuries. In 2004, fluent Hopi speakers Anita Poleahla and Ferrell Secakuku founded Mesa Media because they believe that all Hopi people deserve the opportunity to understand the richness of the Hopi language and its teachings. In Hopi thought, the continuation of all cultural beliefs and practices depends on people’s ability to speak Hopi.

Our name, Mesa Media, reflects our strategy to use media and technology to make Hopi teachings attractive to modern learners who come from the three Hopi Mesas. Mesa Media fulfills our mission by creating and producing Hopi language learning materials by Hopi people for Hopi people in Hopi communities. Anita Poleahla develops all of our language materials, which are rooted in the Hopi teachings that guide Hopi people in maintaining a biocultural connection to the landscape.

Since 2003, Mesa Media has produced music CDs, Hopi language lesson CDs, a DVD, puzzle books, a Hopi history booklet with audio CD, plant posters, calendars, and a language app. Mesa Media, Inc. is unique because our materials are among the only Hopi language resources available for Hopi and non-Hopi communities and organizations. We are continually developing and producing Hopi language resources based in Hopi oral tradition for a diverse audience of Hopi and non-Hopi people.

Mesa Media’s long-term vision is to get Hopi people speaking the language. We want to hear Hopi people of all ages speaking Hopi in daily life. We want to see Hopi people in their fields each spring planting the same seeds that were saved by our ancestors. We want young Hopi people to have pride, knowing that it is their responsibility to pass on the stories and teachings to the next generation.

Our Major Goals

  • To create and produce Hopi language learning materials for Hopi people by Hopi people in Hopi communities.
  • To disseminate Hopi language learning materials to teachers, community members, youth and adults.
  • To train teachers and other educators to use Hopi language materials in public schools and during activities at the village level.
  • To encourage educators and Hopi citizens to create their own language learning materials.
  • To serve as a resource for other Hopi organizations and individuals that seek to incorporate Hopi language into their programs.

"Our strategy is to use media and technology to make Hopi teachings attractive to modern learners"