Mesa Media Founders

Ferrell Secakuku

Anita Poleahla

Board of Directors

Advisory Board

Mesa Media’s Advisory Board provides a forum for knowledgeable Hopi community members to offer their perspective on our projects and organizational goals. Many of our learning materials were developed directly from ideas and needs brought to us directly by Hopi people.

Hopi advisory board members review and advise on Mesa Media’s educational resources, their cultural appropriateness and their ability to meet the needs of the Hopi people. We involve Hopi board members from a variety of villages on all three Hopi Mesas. Each mesa has its own dialect, with its own nuances, yet each is rooted in the basics of the Hopi language. Therefore, each Hopi individual is diverse in their understanding of the language but also in their teachings from the village, clan, religious society, and relatives.

Edna KomalestewaRosalie KayeLeigh Kuwanwisiwma
Max TayloJolene Johns

Past Board Members

Mesa Media honors our past board members for their service and dedication to revitalizing the Hopi language.

Jim McCormackGeorge MaseBonnie Secakuku
Daryl PahonaGreg GlasscoViolet Leslie