Uylawu: Planting

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Produced in 2014, Uylawu: Planting comes with a CD recording and booklet that teach the Hopi language by introducing Hopi knowledge about planting. The listener learns how to pronounce and form simple phrases and sentences related to Hopi crops and planting. Hopi sentence structure is introduced and the listener will learn the parts of a Hopi sentence—subjects, verbs, and objects. The CD will help improve pronunciation as listeners repeat words along with the recording. Hopi topics that are covered are types of corn, beans, fields, and actions (verbs) related to planting. This CD uses the accepted orthography of the Hopi Tribe, which is Third Mesa dialect as taught in the Hopi Dictionary. Spoken by Tawahongsi, Pahoyestiwa, Kishaynöm. 75 minutes

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